Founding Story

Dankk was born in early December 2022 originally as a “cannabis breakfast” concept.

Our first product was selling infused muffins to family and friends that enjoy the cannabis plant BUT didn’t want to smoke it.

After a few months of selling muffins our founder pivoted the business to instead focus on being a “beverage” brand in early April 2023. Our infused beverage (THC lemonades) was ranked as the #1 THC beverage brand in all of Texas. 

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We operated as a beverage brand for 9 months, offering customers other infused drinks such as infused cold brew coffee.

After selling lots of infused  coffees during the Xmas holiday season in 2023, our founder noticed that the secret ingredient to both of our infused beverages was our “infused sugar“.

So, in January 2024 he made a company wide decision to ditch the beverages and only offer our infused sugar to consumers all across the country.

This approach enables consumers to infuse WHATEVER THEY WANT such as: coffee, tea, juice, smoothies, alcohol, breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts etc.

Now we plan to put our sugar in the hands of consumers all across the United States, one person at a time.